Medium Voltage Switchgear Section Addition

3000 HP Reliance Motor and 7 stage Sulser Pump

3000HP Variable Speed Drive

750kW Backup Generator

ASCO 1600 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch

Other Projects

  • Pipeline Leak Detection Instrumentation
    • Local Meter, Temperature, and Pressure inputs to CPPL Scada
    • Remote Meter Pulses into new VSAT skid.
  • Pipeline custody transfer systems
    • Rail loading and offloading
    • Truck LACT
    • Accuload™ and Toptech™ interfacing
    • OMNI™ flow computer interfacing
  • Pipeline and Terminals 225HP to 825HP Product Pump and Terminal Upgrades
    • 3 to 10 operational product pumps
    • New PLC with fiberoptic communication for pump automation
    • Toptech to Accuload III retrofit support
    • Project Management for Terminal and Refinery
    • Extensive procedure and procurement assistance
    • Startup support
  • Electrical Energy Systems
    • Industrial Design
    • Substation Design
    • Utility interconnection design review
    • Technical support
  • Programmable Controllers
    • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix, SLC-500 and related I/O systems
    • Yokogawa
    • General Electric
  • NFPA Anaylis
    • Physical Hazard Analysis and Area Classification Review and Compliance Audits