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Our clients include Petrochemical and Public Utilities.

We have the best in contaminated groundwater remediation systems!

Groundwater Extraction System for East Coast Power Plant

  • Controls 20 well pumps (On/Off Control for wells with very low production, flow rate control, or level control)
  • Controls 2 tank variable speed discharge pumps with high flow flush mode
  • Controls holdup tank level with API-2350 2005 overfill protection
  • Fully self-contained and automated (consumes approximately 40kVA)
  • Automatic logging of all system flows, tank level, well levels, and system diagnostics
  • State of the art flow meters, controls, and touch screen controls
  • Fully scaleable solution
  • Seismically and hurricane wind load qualified

Twin 700HP Crude Oil Pumping Facility

  • Controls 2 700HP variable speed crude oil pumps
  • Controls 7 motor operated valves
  • Fully automated and remote controlled station (Fiber-Optic or VSAT Control)
  • Totally above grade facility
  • Fire, smoke, explosive and toxic gas detection

Total product supply and truck loading rack upgrade.  Wilmington, CA

  • Refurbished 9 product pumps (electrical controls)
  • Redesigned loading rack (electrical controls)
  • Installed variable frequency pump controls for increased ethanol delivery
  • Reprogrammed system Programmable Logic Controller for increased throughput, reliability, and safety
  • Upgraded control room display terminals for enhanced system information and diagnostics
  • Provided data interlink to refinery Digital Control System

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